The best way to validate your learning, is by teaching others.

At Yoink, we understand learning is a never-ending journey. We also understand that knowledge that is not written down, is knowledge lost.

This blog or collection of stories contains ideas about writing software, creating useful habits, interesting tools and habits you can learn to improve yourself.

Programming Languages

Our main area of expertise is Java and the JVM ecosystem. This includes languages such as Kotlin and Scala. Our interests however do not stop here. We explore, learn and use many other languages to be effective in today’s projects. The landscape includes tools and scripts used in DevOps or DevSecOps or ArchFunDevSecTestOps, or whatever the lates acronym may be.

So you may also find stories on Bash Scripting, Python, Ruby, Clojure and Perl. You may find stories on how to use AppleScript to improve your process workflow on a Mac.

And since we also do full stack development, you will also find posts about other parts of the software development process: TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and what about SQL?


The landscape of frameworks in the Java ecosystem is enormous. While many projects work with the various different flavors of Spring and Spring Boot, we look beyond those and also have experience with frameworks such as Vert.x).

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